The results are in for round 1. We had two major upsets, with the 14th seeded Solenodon outwitting the 4th seeded Malagasy Striped Civet in the ‘Tricksy Taxonomy‘ group, and the Crypt-keeper wasp (15th seed) outlasting the Masrasector nanubis (2nd seed) in the ‘Of Myths and Monsters‘ group. Yet the most shocking result comes from the ‘Red, in Fur‘ group.

In a gut-wrenching series of events the Red Hartebeest absolutely flattened the woefully out contested and outsized Red Squirrel. Turning this game from one of winner-takes-it-all to a game of whack-a-squirrel. We’re hoping the head of mammal safety will be looking into these events and that the appropriate actions are taken…

For a full play by play of the round 1 action check out the summaries (and associated links) see here.

Not sure what MMM is and want to join in and the madness? Have a look at http://mammalssuck.blogspot.com

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