MMM FINAL: Harp-ooned

March is over and a new king of the mammals has been crowned – and thankfully it is a mammal and not a feathered dinosaur. Having found himself with the (randomly selected) home-turf advantage the red kangaroo delivered the final blow (literally) of this years MMM and sending the harpy eagle flying to the hills. Proving once again that species from the Red, in fur group are not afraid to resort to violence in order to come out on top

A big nod of congratulations to all of this year’s participants (as well as commentators) – we’ve certainly learnt some cool things! I for one am still recovering from the fact that vampire squid are 1) in fact a thing and 2) are neither squid nor vampire. Looking forward to seeing what MMM2022 has to bring

For a full play by play of the round 1 action check out the summaries (and associated links) see here.

Not sure what MMM is and want to join in and the madness? Have a look at

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