2na Fast 2na Furious

To quote Brian O’Conner: “I like the tuna here.”

Simply put, tuna fish would be a good choice if you ever found yourself faced with an underwater drag-race. These predators are designed for both speed and endurance – so much so that they’ve even managed to engage their lymphatic system to help them when chasing down their prey item of choice. The lymphatic system is typically associated with circulation and immunity but the tuna have engineered themselves to use this system to help fine-tune their steering and navigation system.

Much like how the cheetah uses its tail, or planes have adjustable wing-flaps to help execute manoeuvres precisely and accurately, tuna use their fins. The really cool part though? They use their lymphatic system to do the realignment! Researchers found that tuna can use this system to generate hydraulic pressure. This provides fine adjustment of their fins, which helps them become more manoeuvrable.

Perfect for those tight corners out on the course – might even have you considering racing for slips.

You can read the research article here: 10.1126/science.aak9607

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