Holly Albrecht

About Me

I’m currently an environmental educator at Saguaro National Park, where I get to teach people about the desert and help them to form their own unique connections to the land that they’re living on. I have a bachelors degree in Natural Resources, with an emphasis in Conservation Biology, from the University of Arizona, as well as some research experience and lots of experience in informal science education. I’m passionate about teaching people how to love the environment that they live in and how to protect it from the threats that it’s facing, and I hope to continue doing this as a primary goal of my career. My favorite animal is the Quitobaquito pupfish, one of Arizona’s incredible native freshwater fish species, and I love talking about it to anyone who will listen. One fun fact about me is that even though I live in a landlocked desert state, I have a minor in marine science, experience working in an aquarium, and I am a certified SCUBA diver! In my free time, I also enjoy cycling, reading, cooking, trying new restaurants with my friends, and hiking with my dogs. 

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