Julia Ramsauer

DSC00583 (1)I’m a landscape ecologist working with the Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC) in Spain. I recently finished my Masters investigated the importance of bird seed dispersal for plant distribution at the landscape level by creating seed dispersal indicators. Now that is project is finished, I moved on to work on the assessment of ecosystem services in the Mediterranean region in the light of climate change.

Originally I am from South Austria. Being surrounded by many beautiful lakes and mountains, I was always passionate about animals and nature. However, I first got side-tracked by studying Media and Communication studies. When I finished this degree I didn’t really see myself working in the field of media but rather wanted to do something to protect the planet and its natural wonders. I participated in a conservation volunteer program in Kenya and it motivated me to study Biology. That’s how I found my way into science and that’s also when my eagerness to explore the world started. Eventually, I returned to Kenya for work, studied and worked in Australia (University of Queensland and University of Melbourne), volunteered in Indonesia, and did my Masters in in ‘Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management’ in Spain and Portugal. I advanced a lot in my technical skills regarding statistics and modelling in the last years and now I am eager to gain more field work and management experience, working in conservation projects across the globe.

Besides being passionate for conservation, I’m a strong advocator for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. So if I’m not working, you’ll find me cooking delicious vegan meals or doing sports (preferably outdoors).

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