Sam Perrin

About Me

I’m a freshwater ecologist at the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology. I’m writing my PhD on the impact of invasive species the freshwater ecosystems in the wake of climate change. We look at species that are shifting their distribution as a response to temperature warming and their impact on the habitats they colonise.

I grew up in Australia, and have since moved further and further north over the last decade. I first moved to Norway to write my Master’s degree on moose behaviour, on exchange from the University of Bremen in northern Germany. I also completed a Master’s research project on Daphnia at the University of Guelph.

Along with my work at Ecology for the Masses, I also have a regular column in the British Ecological Society’s quarterly magazine The Niche.

I’m passionate about science communication, cooking, 90s hip hop and movies. I teach R, freshwater ecology and biogeography. Fellow EcoMass author Adam Hasik and I also run the podcast Cinematica Animalia, which looks at the ecology of movie monsters, from Godzilla all the way down to Pikachu.