Tanya Strydom

About Me

I am a PhD student at Université de Montréal with a focus on quantitative and computational ecology (so in other words lots of geeky maths with bonus ecology). Broadly my work will focus on the common properties of species interactions networks across space, with a focus on the computational tools we can use and develop to address these types of questions/relationships.

A plant ecologist by inclination (and past training) I can usually be found gushing about how cute a particular grass (or succulent) is, hanging off of the side of a mountain, or going on bike-ventures to various coffee shops. When the weather forces me indoors I can probably be found spending way more time than I need to trying to automate a process that could be done in a few minutes, exercising my creative side or trying to find new (and pretty) ways in which to visualise data and results i.e. combining my geeky self with my artistic alter-ego.

Click here to check out Elology for the Masses, Tanya’s fortnightly comic.