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About Sam


Sam and dog

I’m a freshwater ecologist at the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology. I’m writing my PhD on the impact of climate change on freshwater ecosystems as part of the Odysseus project. We look at species that are shifting their distribution as a response to temperature warming and their impact on the habitats they colonise.

I grew up in Australia, and have since moved further and further north, living in Canada and Germany on my way to Trondheim, Norway. I get by, one winter at a time.

I’m passionate about science communication, cooking, 90s hip hop and movies. I teach R, freshwater ecology and biogeography. Along with this site, Adam and I also run the currently-on-hiatus podcast Cinematica Animalia.

About Adam

I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of host-parasite interactions. I work with Dr. Adam Siepielski at the University of Arkansas.


Adam and rock

I completed my M.Sc. at the University of Bremen and conducted my master’s research on morph differences in larval survival at Lund University with Dr. Erik Svensson. As an undergraduate I worked with Dr. Carl Gerhardt at the University of Missouri on a project examining the effects of anthropogenic noise on anuran communication.

My research focuses on examining 1) how spatial variation in predator composition affects host-parasite interactions and 2) how host and parasite density affects parasitism. I work with a host-parasite system consisting of odonates (dragonflies and damselflies, the hosts) and their parasitic water mites (Arrenurus spp.).

About Lara


Lara and dog

I am a PhD student hailing from California in the Center for Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD) at NTNU. My thesis focuses on studying the population dynamics and life history evolution of managed populations of wild boar (Sus scrofa) in Europe. In my research, I explore how populations respond to different hunting and climatic conditions using statistical modelling techniques as part of an international collaboration between France, Italy, and Norway.

I teach courses in statistics, coding in R, study design, and natural resource management both at the bachelors and masters levels. I brew kombucha, make bread, ski, boulder, and conquer mountains in my free time. So feel free to ask me about any of those topics for way too much information.

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We also have a bunch of friends and colleagues who contribute on a regular basis. You can find them at the links below.

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