• Policy-Relevant Ecology: Thoughts from the 4th Conference of the Norwegian Ecological Society

    I spent last week in Tromsø, Norway, for the 4th Conference of the Norwegian Ecological Society. With the conference focussing on policy-relevant ecology, I summarised some of my thoughts from the event.

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  • Blending In

    We look at the difference between natural selection and evolution, in a study investigating natural selection on mice colour.

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  • The Changing Face of Ecology: Part 3

    In the latest edition of our ongoing look at how ecology has changed over the last half-century, 5 experts talk technology, modelling, and the study of humans. But we also cover some of the pitfalls of recent leaps forward, including the loss of appreciation for species physiology.

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  • Shannon McCauley: The Role of Gender in Authorship Bias

    Who gets the credit in scientific articles is a pressing question, and deciding how to award authorship is especially relevant given the impact that papers in high-impact journals can have on the trajectory of a scientist early in their career. With this in mind, I spoke with Dr. Shannon McCauley of the University of Toronto-Mississauga led a workshop on authorship in science. I sat down with her afterwards to talk more about the subject.

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Current Issues

Does the Individual’s Fight For Sustainability Matter?

There seems to be a pattern of thought currently floating around regarding sustainable living. The take home message goes something like this: “it makes no difference whether an individual tries to live sustainably, big corporations are the ones making all the difference anyway”. I want to challenge the notion that the actions of individuals are meaningless.

The Concept of Certainty in Ecological Science

Go through any scientific paper and you’ll find it littered with uncertainty. Scientists qualify parameters, give standard errors, make way for random processes even when experiments have been planned to the finest detail. So why is uncertainty such a crucial part of science? How does this affect the non-scientific public’s perception of science? And does this relationship with knowledge need to change in the future?

From the Experts

We spoke to prominent female ecologists about the challenges facing women in ecology today

Towards Gender Equity in Ecology: Part One

Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Rather than go into depth about gender in ecology myself, I thought that I’d share some of the thoughts of prominent female ecologists that we’ve spoken to over the last year. We asked these scientists two simple questions. Has the gender gap closed during your time in the discipline, and what needs to happen to close it further?