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Disclaimers Regarding Our ‘Paper of the Week’ Section

To All Authors

All articles listed were chosen not only because we find them interesting, but because we feel that they cover important topics which people outside of the scientific community should know about. Our articles are not intended to be in any way critical, they are merely our interpretations of the paper, summarised for a non-scientific audience. If you feel we have oversimplified your research…. that’s kind of the point. HOWEVER, if you feel that something we listed in one of our articles is a misinterpretation of your research, we apologise and invite you to get in touch.

To All Readers

It’s important to note that of course these scientific studies are more complex than we present them to be. We know you know this, but it’s important to cover one’s butt.

Also, scientists are often cautious to talk about what we ‘know’. It’s a potent term in research. There are countless times when a disconnected group of people had spent years proving something, thought they ‘knew’ it, and had someone come along and disprove them with one paper (though this is far from the norm). So we can be kind of cagey. But for all intents and purposes, we’re dropping the quotation marks and saying we know some of the stuff we’ll mention on this blog. The same way we know that gravity exists and we know that climate change exists.